RFTY Legends

Our Run for the Young Legends are individuals that have participacted in many or all of our annual events. If you participate in 5 events you become a RFTY Champion! If you participate in 10 events you become a RFTY Legend and if you have done them all you enter our Hall Of Fame!!

RFTY Champions

Participated in 5 years minimum.

Jeannette Spencer

Catherine Grbic

Lara Atkinson

Jeni Capeldo

Dodge Crawley

John Weatherlake

Cheryl Symons

Jane Sturzaker

Gavin Ma

Andrew Fedoruk

Merle Want

Laurie Pearson

RFTY Legends

Participated in 10 years minimum. *status available in 2023.

Hall of Fame

Participated in every RFTY year since the events inception in 2014!

Brian Glover

Linda McBride

Mak Sawa

Naomi McCombe

Dave Styles

James Love

Maria Lissenburg

Beck Mitchell