Refund Policy

We understand that times are tough at the moment, and it’s hard to predict the future of all running events. We understand that you might be reluctant to enter events, particularly during 2020. We are doing our best as a team to ensure that our 2020 event in November can go ahead as planned, but we also understand that changes may need to be made closer to the event due to goverment restrictions, when we will know exactly what they are on race day. We have come up with a few ‘plan B’s’ in case things change, that hopefully will serve the best interests of both our participants and our charity. We believe our refund policy below is both fair and reasonable. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy, we really do want the best outcome for everyone involved.

  1. If RFTY 2020 goes ahead as planned on Sunday 29th November, with no cap on participant numbers there will be no refunds provided, as all entrants will be able to participate as usual.
  2. If RFTY 2020 goes ahead as planned on Sunday 29th November, with slight changes to the event in order to adhere to government guidelines, then no refunds will be provided. These changes may include staggered start times to reduce the number of entrants in one place at one time. We will obviously do our best to ensure every entrant has the opportunity to participate on the official race day.
  3. If RFTY 2020 is postponed and a new date is established we beleive the best option is to transfer all entries to the new date. In this case no refunds will be provided, with the exception of a request under special circumstances. Entrants can request a refund for special circumstances by sending an email to
  4. If RFTY 2020 is cancelled, all entries will be transferred to the 2021 event unless otherwise specified by each entrant. You are eligible to request a refund should you not wish for your entry to be transferred to 2021.

We hope that the above refund policy gives you piece of mind and that you feel you can enter our event with confidence. We will try our best to continue to communicate to you regarding any changes or decisions that are made along the way. We look forward to seeing you all at the start line in the near future! Happy running.